How to Remove Virus from PC


The process on how to remove virus from PC depends on the antivirus you have. You need to install an antivirus for you to be able to remove the computer viruses. What is a computer virus? It is a malicious program which installs itself in your computer leading to the execution of processes which affects the functionality of your computer.

The computer virus infection happens when you share affected document transfer devices such as flash disk and removable hard drives. The computer viruses can as well affect your computer via the internet. There are some sites which have malicious programs, if your computer does not have a reliable antivirus, the viruses can as well get into your PC via the internet. The computer viruses can affect your computer files making the operation of your office less effective. To remove the viruses, you need to run updated antivirus software after which you can delete the computer files or take different preventive actions powered by the antivirus.

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