The Most Private Browsers You Can Use Today

The Most Private Browsers You Can Use Today

There’s no doubt that Tor stands as the most private browser when it comes to protecting and maintaining your privacy in the world wide web. This browser routes all traffic generated by your computer into multiple relays that keep them private and secure. The most private browser does an excellent job protecting your personal data, browsing history and more importantly, your user location. It is anonymous online communication at its best.

There are other private web browser options available for you if you do not wish to use Tor. Epic Browser disables many privacy-invading methods in most sites you visit. For example, it doesn’t allow autofill feature, downloading of DNS or web caches and no third party cookies.

Comodo browser comes in three variants designed by the internet security company of the same name. You can get the Comodo Dragon, the Comodo Chromium Secure or the Comodo Ice Dragon. You get the same level of protection and it works like an antivirus and anti-malware software in its own right.



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